Crystalize - Trap & Future Bass Samples & Presets

OCTVE.CO Presents - Crystalize 

Its finally here.. Crystalize - Trap samples & Future Bass samples / Presets. This pack is your one stop shop for all of the essentials needed to keep up the ever evolving style of trap and future bass. With over 60+ serum presets300 + samples5 construction kits, and many added bonuses such as presets for each kit.. this kit will take your production to the next level.

For Crystalize, we've assembled a team of 3-4 producers to put together the serum presets, kicks, snare, FX, one-shots, custom snaps, percussion /foley, and much more to create the highest quality samples to suite whatever style you may wish to produce. You'll find samples relatable to Boombox CartelWhat So NotSayMyName, and many more. Get your copy today because we'll only be releasing this for a limited time offer!


Samples / Presets:

- Kicks

- Snares

- Snaps

- Impacts

- Risers

- Cymbals (Ride, Hat, Crash)

- Claps

- One-Shots

- 45 Serum Presets

- 5 Construction Kits w/ Presets (8+)

Size: 550+ MB

Find your sound.



Crystalize - Trap & Future Bass Samples & Presets

  • -Xfer Serum needed for presets