UNKWN Sounds - Vantage (RC-20 Presets)

I know, another RC-20 presets bank? I also acknowledge there’s a negative preconceived notion on RC-20 as well.. but sorry to break it to you, I use it pretty often. From bass guitar, electric guitar, bells tracks, etc.. to even vocal and master bus chains.


Vantage is a RC-20 presets pack with 30 presets pulled directly from my session tracks / master chains. Emulating pedals and reel-to-reel tape decks, all presets were designed to make single instruments to full compositions sound more full, vintage, and textural.



30 Presets

Requires XLN Audio RC-20

Easy installation



UNKWN Sounds - Vantage (RC-20 Presets)

  • Requires XLN Audio RC-20.